Sharing My Passion

My interest in art and design began to show at a very young age. With a strong imagination and appreciation for the intricate designs of nature, I spent much of my time exploring and creating. Though life has revealed many other interests and experiences along the way, in my core, not much has changed. Hardly a day will pass where I’m not sketching a new idea, creating it, or stopping to take a picture of the incredible world that surrounds us. I find beauty in design and find design in everything. Because of this, I’m not dedicated to any specific medium, (though mural painting has currently taken precedence) but more so to discovering a process for creating the current most burning idea, and encouraging individual awakening along the way. 

After many years of living with the suspicion “there must be a higher purpose for me,” I finally realize that purpose is, and always has been, to create the ideas gifted to me and share them with you. Personal discovery and living one's passion are the only ways to have a positive effect on our world, and this site serves as an outlet for sharing my inspiration, projects and self-discovery as my journey unfolds.

- Audifax  (Brandilynn Kupsky)

Bring a Mural to Your Community!

Together, shifting humanity through creativity.

"Hey, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your mural on Mother Fools in Madison. Its beautiful, spreading light to the neighborhood. Thanks for investing your energy here."

The best way to have a positive effect on our world, is by bringing joy, awareness and inspiration to our local community. A beautiful and effective way to achieve this, is by providing public art to be viewed by our neighbors and those passing through. You can contribute a memorable experience for people on a daily basis; it's simple.  

Whether you are a business owner, community advocate, public worker or homeowner and have an interior or exterior wall you are interested in adding a mural to, I would love to be a part of bringing that spark of creativity to your space. Contact me at: or use the form below for more information and pricing.  (Worldwide interest accepted!)


I love working with like-minded artists who share a passion in changing our world, one creation at a time. If you have a project in mind (worldwide) and would like to team up, contact me at: or use the form below. 


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