Gallery Night, Milwaukee, WI - USA

Recently, I returned to the U.S. from an incredible experience mural painting abroad. First thing on the agenda, was an exhibition of work at the Iron Horse Hotel for Milwaukee's summer gallery night & day. It was a unique space as well as clientele, as hotel patrons, gallery night goers and friends joined me for the event. I even borrowed a truck (thanks Dad!) to not only haul my 6ft paintings, but also Balance sculpture. I had planned on placing it on the small stage that houses a motorcycle, but a nearby vaulted table ended up working much better to create a grand entrance for the display. 

If you aren't familiar with the hotel, it has rich wood and a dark lit atmosphere that created a fantastic backdrop for the work. Friday night proved to be the peak, as hotel guests stopped by the see what this thing was all about. A few days earlier, I had finished an acrylic painting to add to the show, called "The Journey." A couple had stopped to look at it for a while and after I approached, the husband said he was touched. She was on a train and life was passing her by, he had just been there before. At that point he began to cry, as his wife looked in awe saying, "I've never seen you this way around a piece of art before." Little did he know, I too cried right after I finished painting her face, the emotion was overwhelming for me. To see someone connect with the exact emotions transferred onto the canvas was a highlight as an artist.

My favorite part was being able to see friends and family arrive to say hello and see my work in person. The consensus was "I had no idea how big these paintings were!" (the smallest being 5ft x 4ft), I guess I should start posting a reference point so people can see the scale! Another memorable moment was when my parents arrived right at the end, to not only show their support, but help me haul everything. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and a special thank you to my parents, and Tom for bringing my final painting that didn't fit in my car! I couldn't have done it without you all!