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My journey as an artist has been extremely difficult, yet immensely rewarding. Over the past few years I have given up everything (and I mean, everything) to dedicate myself to the mission of cultivating my creativity. Through my art I not only bring to life messages from deep within my soul, but also wish to inspire others to follow what is truly within theirs, fearlessly. This is the key to creating a life worth living, and have a meaningful impact on those you come to know and love. 

As I grew, my appreciation for art remained, but the push for a “real job” was engrained even in grade school. So began the search for my place in a society where the importance of money surpasses inner purpose. The years that followed, wherever I worked, there was a sense something more meaningful was out there, waiting. This left me unfulfilled as I continued creative projects on the side- often too exhausted to work on what I really cared about. It wasn’t until finally summoning the courage to make my passion my focus, that I started to feel I was living. Almost as if awaking from a dream, the embedded belief that following my heart was futile began to shed, allowing my inner light to shine. I firmly believe living our passion is the key to happiness. I hope my story and art give you the strength to live yours.


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