This was my first piece after a long break from large paintings. I couldn't wait any longer, this one needed to be made and it had to be BIG! Every time I closed my eyes and asked for guidance on what I should do, I was shown painting in an unheated space outside, where I'm currently staying. "But there is a ton of stuff being stored in there and it's below 0 degree Fahrenheit outside!" I thought. I trusted my vision and soon got to moving the items aside with help, explaining in not so many words "it has to be here, it's what I was shown." After getting everything moved and the area surrounded in tarps to keep in as much heat as possible, the temperature leveled at 14F (-10C), but with one small space heater to warm my paints and another next to the canvas for drying, I stuck some foot warmers in my boots and got to work. Only being able to paint an hour at a time, this one took about a week to complete, but I feel it's my best work so far, funny how often struggle yields our finest selves. I felt the passion flow through me for the first time in a while, both the piece and I coming to life in the dead of winter. 

"Remember You"
Remembering where you've been before this lifetime - understanding the intricate workings of the universal life force within.

Brandi Kupsky