Passion & Progress

I recently shared that after a productive week of various projects, I felt as though I accomplished nada. Well, I'm happy to report after setting up the work space in a storage shed, creation has definitely been flowing, and it feels great. For quite some time I had a used skateboard rolling around in my trunk and finally decided to pull it out for a revival with some new art. When your mom keep saying "did you finish that skateboard yet?" you know you better get at it. It was a fun change of pace from canvas, and I'm now being gifted an old snowboard to refinish - fun stuff! Aside from the skateboard, raw and finished canvas still received some attention with the completion of "Holding Destiny," a very colorful piece visualizing the importance of humanity's future, which rests in our hands. All of my recent projects seem to have this theme... COLOR! (You thought I was going to say something existential, didn't you.) After the current extra large spray & acrylic painting, I'll wrap up the color trend with most pieces on the horizon being balanced with realism, darkness and splashes of color. I'm looking forward to growing my technique as these canvases come into focus. 

Brandi Kupsky