Accomplished Nada?

It’s been a while since I felt I had something to share. The weather has been too cold to paint outside, and although much has been accomplished, I still felt empty. There was a week I worked insanely hard. After building a bar in a basement (all out of on-hand materials), refinishing a table, sawing and hauling wood for a heat source, attending a business class and teaching meditation, I still held the feeling of “wow, I didn’t do anything this week.” It quickly became apparent that I felt this way because I wasn’t painting. Though all of this took focus, something was still missing- I wasn’t channeling that sheer passion I have when the color hits the canvas, or especially, a wall. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to make my own wall. 

Where I’m currently staying, there is a shed used for storage, so with help, moved things out of an area, enclosed it with tarp, and I prepped the space with plastic to protect the wall and floor from offshoot paint. I just finished hanging a canvas, and as soon as the weather gets above 0 fahrenheit, I’ll find a space heater to set the spray paint near to stay warm enough to use (but far enough not to explode ;). Although the process hasn’t begun, I set the intention and can already envision the long awaited piece coming to life. 

Brandi Kupsky