New Focus

My current paintings feature colorful backgrounds (I know, I said I was moving into darker shades, but...) with a shadowed layer of a person. A new focus came into my minds eye of ocean waves in place of the abstract background. Since abstract comes fairly easy to me, naturally I thought "ocean? How hard can it be?" For some reason it's proving to be more difficult than expected. With each painting, I'm facing a completely new style each time I pick up the brush, since I'd like the waves to represent different emotions. The first try was covered twice until I finally felt comfortable with what was on the canvas. The current "My Ocean Within" (the name of the series) is nearly placid, but it's even more complex to create than actual waves. Being that the only way to grow is to throw yourself into new methods, the challenge has proven to be frustrating, but worthwhile. And hopefully when I'm done, I'm able to deliver the peacefulness I felt from my vision.

My Ocean Within Painting.jpg
Brandi Kupsky