Audifax at Wild Chicory Shop!

Just added to the Wild Chicory shop in rural Wisconsin are Audifax canvas wraps, prints, and framed pictures.

This past weekend I took a drive to see my work on the walls and was blown away by how at home it felt there. I also couldn't resist doing a little shopping myself. They offer refinished, vintage and newly made furniture, beautiful hand-picked art ;), decor; vintage and new, locally made candles, and there is even an on-site reiki practitioner! Whether you are on your way through, or making it a destination - stop by! Especially if you live in the area. 

Wild Chicory
"Life life beautifully"
100 N. Military Rd.
Stockbridge, WI 53088

Wed - Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat - 9am - 3pm